The Church of St John

St John's Church, South side As we are familiar with the sight of gothic churches in various settings, it requires some effort to imagine the freshness of the impact, in 1829, of the completed building of Oulton Church.

The Leeds Mercury published its impression on Saturday 26 December 1829, a few days after the consecration by the Archbishop of York.

"It is not easy to convey by any written description a correct idea of the appearance of this elegant and beautiful edifice. On descending the hill towards the village the full North view exhibits a beautiful object, and the graceful pinnacles which terminate the buttresses, encircled as they are with flowered finials, heighten the effect."

The whole of the exterior and the solid stone buttresses are Ashler of Bramley Fall Stone which for durability is not to be equalled in England, and the Church is no less beautiful now than it was when the Mercury reporter enthused about it almost 200 years ago.

The basis for the text on the church pages is taken from "A brief history prepared for the 150th. anniversary of St. John's Church" and is reproduced with the kind permission of

Mr J Thorp, one of the co-authors.