Getting married at St. John's, Oulton

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If you live in the parish then, as of right, you can get married in the parish church. You do not need to be a member of the church and even if you belong to another faith you can get married at St. John's. The parish is basically all of Oulton and Woodlesford - the built environment north and east of the A639 and south of the River Aire. To the west is the parish of Holy Trinity, Rothwell; to the north is St. Mary's, Swillington; to the east is St. Oswald's, Methley; and to the south is Christ Church, Lofthouse. If you are not sure about the parish boundary check our street by street list.

Since October 2008 you can still, subject to certain conditions, be married in a Parish Church even if you do not live in the parish.

If you are divorced and wish to remarry the Vicar will consider conducting your wedding dependent upon your answering a number of questions (about your previous relationship and any children you may have from your first marriage)

Before a couple marry in the Church of England Banns of Marriage must be read out in church on three Sundays. This means that if you live in this parish (and your fiancée lives here too) then Banns are called not more than three months before your intended wedding. If you or your fiancée live in another parish then Banns must also be read there on three Sundays and you will require a Banns Certificate from that church and the priest or minister taking the wedding here will need to see that certificate. The cost of calling Banns in the other church will be £35.00 (£27.00 to the Priest and £8.00 to the PCC).

Marriage by Common Licence: Sometimes it is not possible to marry by Banns and a Common Licence is required. The necessity to marry in church by this route only affects a few so information about such marriages is not reproduced here.

Parish Electoral Roll: A number of couples are attracted to St. John's because it is a fine building ('Grade 2 Star' in architectural-speak). If you live outside the parish and wish to marry here then you can become a member of the church's Electoral Roll once you have regularly worshipped here for six months or more. Then the Banns of Marriage route can be followed. However, please think carefully about this; in an age of needing to reduce global warming and cutting carbon emissions we would not wish to encourage you to use too much fossil fuel getting to church.

Weddings lead to Marriages: Just as a dog is for life and not just for Christmas so a wedding day is the beginning of a new life for those getting married (in church or elsewhere). That said, a wedding day is very special and here at St. John's, we want your day to be special and memorable. In contacting the vicar you will be working towards organising that day and making it your own. This means choosing hymns and readings for the service.

There will be a couple of interviews: firstly, to book a date and time in the church and other preliminary details and secondly, to go through the marriage service. A few days before the actual wedding there will be a rehearsal in church and it will be helpful if your best man, bridesmaids, father of the bride and other key players can be at that rehearsal.

Other types of Service: You may be planning to get married in a civil ceremony perhaps at the nearby Oulton Hall. Have you thought of having your marriage blessed? This is a shorter and simpler service (than a full church wedding) but it might just provide the icing on the cake for your day.

Already married? Then have you considered Renewing your Wedding Vows? This is something some couples do after say 25 or 40 years of marriage. Now there's something for you newly-weds-to-be to ponder.

And Finally…. Getting married in church involves the saying of prayers so here's a prayer you might like to say as you prepare for your wedding day:

Heavenly Father, you blessed a wedding at Cana in Galilee with your holy presence in the Person of Jesus. As he changed the water into wine and brings new life to all who will trust in him so we pray that our wedding day may be blessed by your Holy Spirit and that every day thereafter will be blessed and we pray that you will guide us in this time of preparation and waiting. We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

To discuss arrangements send a message or ring 0113 2820411.
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